Any way to limit times that system emails?

Almost all of ours is FYI info, not that timely.

Is there a way to set it up so that it cuts of sending notification emails after 10PM CST US until 7AM CST US so that people aren’t getting email notifications at all hours of the night if people respond to things?

Every Android and iOS device I’ve seen in recent years has some form of DND.

I’m going to assume these users use email for more than your community, so why would it be something you would necessarily want to influence from within discourse? If you have some users up and replying late at night it stands to reason they would want to know if their posts receive a response before the next morning.


In the settings type max email. I think this is your best shot at managing emails. Without this I had 9K sended emails in one day.

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It’s not the number of emails, it’s the time of day that’s the issue. Many of our users are not super technical and it’s not at all necessary that we send emails outside of the window I discussed, so I’d rather just have them turned off during that time-frame.

Email is central to Discourse, it’s used for everything from notifications to login links and password resets. Disabling email would also block user registration and basic management features.

Note that disabling email also won’t block browser or mobile notifications for anyone who enabled them when prompted.

If your users are complaining about being notified you’re going to be much better off pointing them at features such as DND than trying to prevent messages from being relayed. Users rarely need to have a curfew imposed upon them, the fact that notifications are being sent suggests that not everyone is fast asleep next to a cellphone.


Aware. Doesn’t change my request.

You might be able to handle this on the MTA level. I checked and mailgun and mandrill both do not support queueing outbound email for a scheduled period each day. I googled a bit but could not find anything (or the right combination of keywords) to find a solution for you.

I think France at some point had a law that businesses had to prevent their employees from emailing outside work hours - I think that might be a use case for this, but I am assuming it’s no longer the case.

But otherwise generally I’m not understanding your purpose here and it’s hard for us to help you without understanding better what you’re trying to achieve. Email is designed to be delivered on a timely basis. If a password reset email doesn’t arrive for 10 hours, your users are going to think your site is broken. Those users who do not want to engage after hours can just go to bed :zzz: and read the emails when they wake up in the morn. :wink:

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