How do I disable the "Congratulations... New Construction Kit" banner?

When I log in for the very first time as a new (non-admin) user I see the large banner with the message:

" Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of your very own Civilized Discourse Construction Kit. :hatching_chick: …"

  1. This seems like it shouldn’t show for a non-admin user

  2. How do I disable it altogether? I have looked high and low.

Thanks in advance.

Did you somehow skip the setup wizard? It’s supposed to launch when the first admin logs in.

I think you are referring to the pinned topic with the description of your site, which you should be setting in the wizard on first boot.

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Don’t believe I skipped the setup wizard on first boot. Everything else is working fine. I am self hosted. How do I confirm if I did or not?

Short of that, how do I disable the message?

To be clear, it is this:

It looks like someone turned the “READ ME FIRST: Getting started” post into a banner. You’ll want to undo that. Visit the topic, use the topic level admin wrench and select “Un-Pin Topic”, then “Remove Banner Topic”.


Yep, that was it! Thanks so much.