How do I display the Create a New Account form instead of the Log In form?

I’d like users to encounter the Create a New Account form by default instead of the Log In form when they do things like try to Reply to a topic when they’re not signed in.

I’d also like to be able to create interactions that will open the Create a New Account form, like when people click on “Sign Up” in EventTribe’s header

Finally, when people are on mobile, I’d also like the form that opens up to be Create a New Account.

How do I do this?

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You can link directly to /signup to invoke the signup form, which is easy to add to your page layout, but AFAIK those behavioral changes are plugin territory.

The bottom of the login/signup forms include links to the alternate method, do you find visitors won’t use these? Could you use CSS to emphasize their presence?

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This is very helpful, thank you!

Do you have example code that I can play with? And yes, I observed new users try to use the Log In form first, get an error message, then hunt arount for a while before finding the Create an Account form. I really think the Create an Account form should be first by default, since people who already have an account are bought in and know immediately that they should be searching for another form, while people who are new may just stop trying to sign up because they get an error.

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