How do I edit the links on the "hamburger menu"?

We have learned that some of our links on our top right menu go to old pages and would like to update them. I see lots of discussion here about adding new links, but we just need to edit what’s there.

This FAQ in particular!

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 12.10.47 PM|372x500

Any advice?

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Have you checked the /admin/site_settings/category/legal section for any redirects?

And the original topics of the FAQS/guidelines, Privacy Policy, and T&Cs would normally be in the Staff Category (though you should see an ‘edit this page’ link at the top of their ‘published’ page that will take you to them), if editing those is easier?

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Hmmm. I don’t think I have any of those views. And I don’t see a Staff Category or an “edit this page” link for those menu items.

I’m thinking this may need to involve our website team.


Moderators should be able to see the Staff category, though you’d need an admin to check the admin settings. You may also want to check with someone who set it up to see if they did anything special.


Okay, I’m a moderator and an admin so I’m thinking it’s probably the last thing that you said (someone might have set up something special). :slight_smile: Thanks!


Did you get this sorted out? There should be pre-seeded FAQ, Terms of Service, and Privacy topics in your site’s staff category. If those topics have been removed and you want to use them again, get in touch with our support team. We can give you a hand to sort things out.

You can also point your site’s FAQ, Terms of Service, and Privacy links to an external site. To do that, just set the URL that you would like to use for those pages in the following site settings:

  • faq url
  • tos url
  • privacy policy url