Possible to change URL for /faq page?


We are thinking of changing the URL address for /faq to /guideline.

https://example.community.com/faq to https://example.community.com/guideline

Is this possible?
Thank you :bowing_man:

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I think that page is also available at /guidelines by default.

It’s possible to add a custom FAQ url at /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=faq, but when I tried adding the guidelines URL there to test it, it did this:


(Guidelines and FAQ both point to /guidelines.)


Hi @j127 Josh,

Thanks for this tip!

About the custom FAQ url, I’m confused and unable to find this setting under Admin/Settings.

@osioke , sorry, do you have an idea of how I can achieve changing the URL address for FAQ?

If we were to change the user menu too, change FAQ to Guidelines, this requires changing the theme?


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I think you can update that at /admin/customize/site_texts?q=faq

(Admin → Customize → Text, and then type “faq” in the search box.)

I went to settings and filtered by the text “faq”. The name of the setting is “faq url”.


Thank you Josh, this works for me!
I managed to change the FAQ title in the site to Guidelines.

I think you mean this?

It seems to be used if our FAQ is hosted on another webpage URL address.

Edit: Ah, I see what you mean now. We can simply enter, for example, https://[our community domain]/guidelines in here.

The tip and solution you’ve provided have solved what I needed to do, thank you! :bowing_man:

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Hi @j127 ,

Sorry, I realized there’s an error.
After customizing this /admin/customize/site_texts?q=faq

And in the settings, if I changed the faq URL to https://[our community domain]/guidelines for example, it shows two “Guidelines” tabs at the URL /guidelines.

I’m not sure why.

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That’s the issue that I mentioned in my first post. I’m not sure if it’s a bug or if it just wasn’t designed for that purpose.


This is a hack, and someone might come along with a better way, but something like this would probably work in the meantime. :slight_smile:

.nav-pills .nav-item-faq {
    display: none;

(I’m not sure if your class names will be the same.)


Ah I see. thank you @j127

Can I ask where you’re able to access these:

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Go to “Settings” → “Customize” and look for your theme in the left sidebar. Click the theme’s name and look in the middle of the page for this:

Discourse custom CSS

Click “Edit CSS/HTML”, and you’ll be able to add custom CSS there.

I only tested it in Firefox’s Style Editor (shift+F7). (It lets you add temporary stylesheets to try out CSS code on webpages while you’re looking at them.)


Got it, thanks @j127 !

I’ll try it out :slightly_smiling_face:

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