How do I get the json for the each raw from topics in the category?

For example displays me a list of topics for dev categories

Can I similarly display the content (raw text) of each topic in this category ?

See How to reverse engineer the Discourse API


Thanks a lot. It helped a bit.

I don’t know if this is correct and optimal but I did something like that.
How can i show all the content of the post and not the first ~300 characters?

But this is content from only one post and I am interested in a collection of posts

If you need multiple topics, with all posts, you need to do multiple calls.

There is also the posts.json endpoint, aka


This might help: (or it might not work at all–for example, it might not properly put the API key in the header rather than the URL)

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Thanks a lot - you always get to the point!
Is it possible to display everything on one page ? / (currently only 45 topics are displayed)

You need to paginate.

For the second call add a parameter name before with the value of the last post ID you got in the previous call.


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