How do i insert Javascript into a Topic?

(Benjamin Meghnagi Rozenberg (Broz)) #1

For example i would like to insert a optinmonster Optin. This should be the code:

<!-- This site is converting visitors into subscribers and customers with OptinMonster - -->
<div id="om-o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v-holder"></div>
var o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v,o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v_poll=function(){var r=0;return function(n,l){clearInterval(r),r=setInterval(n,l)}}();!function(e,t,n){if(e.getElementById(n)){o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v_poll(function(){if(window['om_loaded']){if(!o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v){o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v=new OptinMonsterApp();return o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v.init({u:"17705.331160",staging:0,dev:0,beta:0});}}},25);return;}var d=false,o=e.createElement(t);,o.src="//",o.onload=o.onreadystatechange=function(){if(!d){if(!this.readyState||this.readyState==="loaded"||this.readyState==="complete"){try{d=om_loaded=true;o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v=new OptinMonsterApp();o1ozq0it5dg9dp9v.init({u:"17705.331160",staging:0,dev:0,beta:0});o.onload=o.onreadystatechange=null;}catch(t){}}}};(document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0]||document.documentElement).appendChild(o)}(document,"script","omapi-script");
<!-- / OptinMonster -->

If i paste it into a topic it won’t show. Is there a way to make it work natively?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You can only insert JS via Admin, Customize in the header or footer.

Help with js to insert into a topic
(Benjamin Meghnagi Rozenberg (Broz)) #3

First off let me thank you for the quick answer. Is there a plugin (i’ve searched but didn’t find anything) to let me put js in a topic? Or should i make a plugin by miself?

(Blu McCormick) #4

I would like to do this too. It would permit posting material in particular categories in some sort of logical place you’d expect to find it and not be limited to the header and footer (assuming you aren’t proficient in code).