Reply to selected text not appearing when last para is selected

OK so this is a particular thing that I tend to do over and over, I double click paragraphs while I’m reading and the reply button doesn’t actually show up if I select the last paragraph. Presumably because chrome’s selection thing randomly includes bits of the chrome too (it seems to select a little bit after the newline, highlighting at the start of the ‘like’ heart). I don’t know if this is fixable or worth fixing but I thought it should be reported.

Another thing I’d like is a user-option to move the ‘quote selected’ button to the side, under where the ‘reply as linked topic’ button is, so that it doesn’t keep getting accidentally clicked when I select text while reading.


To be honest, I don’t think this “I like to select text as I read” behavior is compatible with select to quote, which is why this option exists and has since just after we launched Discourse in Feb 2013:


:ballot_box_with_check: Enable quote reply for highlighted text

I suggest turning that off

You can always highlight then press literally any reply button, e.g. the one at the bottom of each post, the one at the bottom of the topic, the reply as new topic in the guttter – and this will generate a quote. Try it.

There’s also the first toolbar button which is a quote everything button.

p.s. all this :poop: was discussed to death back in 2013, believe me

ahhh yeah, ok I was thinking of finding that box. I’m totally not surprised it exists as an option. maybe I’m just an old-fuddyduddy and don’t like the select-hover-junk and stuff XD it’s just a shame I can’t have a ‘set of options’ which semi-works over various different places and the like, since I have a few different forums I frequent. Hopefully you’re not planning on adding this feature as default-on for guest/anon accounts??

Thanks for the quick reply :smile: I still think double-clicking the last paragraph is a reasonable use-case for the inline quote hover thing though? I also would agree to laying blame at chromes feet for having a poor/weird text-selection behaviour.

It’s triple-clicking, actually. Selects a paragraph ¶.


No idea why Chrome selects all that stuff when you triple click. Have you tested firefox, ie, safari, etc to see what they do on triple click?

I just test Chrome latest on v1.3.0.beta11 +126
The quote button flashes

logged in here using Chrome for this edit, same “flash” issue here.
Oddly it works OK when my plugin-outlet is enabled

I just checked the DOM
With the plugin-outlet text inserted, it becomes the last paragraph.
Clicking on that results in the same “flash”

Other than the added text, I see no difference in the DOM

So it must be a Chrome specific quirk. TBH I don’t see it being realistic to put the Chrome “fix” on Discourse for something that is likely a somewhat rare use case.


FWIW, I see this in safari on my osx laptop as well. It’s slightly different - on chrome, triple clicking the last paragraph just selects the text but the quote reply link disappears. On safari, triple clicking selects the text plus the whole next line and the quote reply link disappears - like the @Mittineague example above.

It’s not a major issue and I haven’t had any complaints about it from my members, but it is one that I experience constantly and I find it annoying. It does seem to be a discourse bug, not limited to chrome.


One :bug: down


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