How do I run Discourse on Pterodactyl Panel?

I have a server ready to go for Discourse, I just don’t know how to set it up. Is there an egg for Discourse that I can import into the Pterodactyl panel on my server? Anyways, thank you in advance.

If there is you are not likely to get help with it here.

The only supported way to install Discourse is How to install Discourse in production. I recommend that you do a clean installation of Ubuntu without the egg thing and follow that guide.


Pterodactyl is for game server management. you need a linux server to install discourse


I could have sworen I have seen someone hosting it off of the Pterodactyl Panel.

From what I can tell Pterodactyl is a collection of software which, as @IAmGav said, is designed for game server management. That said, one of the components is a standard Nginx web server install with config added for the Pterodactyl Panel web interface.

Conceivably it would be possible to install Discourse alongside Pterodactyl in much the same way as described here:

This would be an advanced and unsupported install of Discourse, however. It would require good knowledge of Linux server administration and it would require that you have Pterodactyl installed on a system that you have root access to.


I was researching some stuff, I found this, but I am not sure if this is what you are talking about. Do you mind checking it out?

Link: Isaac A. / pterodactyl-nginx · GitLab

I’m not sure what that is. The information about how to configure a web server for Pterodactyl is available in its installation documentation which would be the “other website” in the documentation linked to in my previous post.

If you didn’t already work through that documentation to install Pterodactyl, you might be renting it as a service in which case you almost certainly don’t have the root access needed to install Discourse alongside it.

If you don’t have root access, it also wouldn’t really work as an egg even if one existed. The Pterodactyl Panel probably uses ports 80/443 and without being able to modify its web server config, you would be stuck running Discourse on different ports. This would mean visitors couldn’t use because that would reach Pterodactyl, they would have to use something like instead.

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And Discourse won’t work on a non-standard port.

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So, I take it there is no way to do this successfully?

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Either there is no way, or it would take an expert with Discourse and Pterodactyl some number of hours.