Where to start with coding?

We are a small non profit. 50 people and I joined the board this year. Maybe the youngest person to be on the board to date? at 41. Needless to say the site is outdated as well as the forums the NPO uses. The board is also the main source of communication currently. My personal goal for being on the board is to update the site and the forums to more user friendly and up to date software. That being said, what coding should I start learning so that I can begin to understand docker and installs?

There’s a gentlemen that’s hosting our site for us on his AWS server that I’m building a wrodpress site on. I would like to install discourse on the same server via FTP, and I assume a subdomain is the proper way tto do this? I have VERY little coding background so plan on learning from youtube. I did play with DO droplets a little and was able to get their preoplulated installs up and running, but thats additional monthly rvenue I’m hoping ot bee able to save by installing on the AWS server. TYIA.

You may start from here discourse/docs/INSTALL-cloud.md at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

FTP installation is not possible you would need at least SSH access, and working with other websites on the same machine would be much more complex.