How do I search for "member" as related to trust levels, only?

We changed “member” to “contributor” within trust levels, but it’s been difficult to find all instances of “member” within Customize text. If I search member, we get more than 50 results and same if I search trust, but I haven’t figured out how to search for both trust AND member in order to narrow the results.

For wide reaching changes such as this, it might make more sense to search the English translations file (on GitHub) in your favorite text editor, which will give you more options and let you know what the string keys are that you might want to change.


I’ll give it a shot!

Are there plans to make searching more robust within customize text in the future?

Can you define “more robust”?

In this particular case, I was craving the AND operation. “Member” AND “Trust”.

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That is already the case, we do not support OR

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What text should I be entering exactly? I tried and couldn’t get AND to work.

If you search two terms it should only show where both appear, instead of either.

When we search text strings in Customize Text we’re treating anything entered as if it’s wrapped in quotes…

For example, I can search thanks for starting a new conversation to find the string

but I can’t search starting conversation and get the same string


This, exactly!

Another example

I can search for badge and get this first result.

But I can’t search for admin badge and get the same result