Improving Customise Text admin option

Currently the text you enter to search on the /admin/customize/site_texts page searches both the actual text and the label/name.
This means for example if you search for “Groups” because you wish to change the word “Groups” in some places in the interface to better match how your organisation uses the word, then you get a list including all the labels containing “groups” in their name image - which might be useful sometimes, but not if you are searching for a term that is used in over 50 label names!
The search gets truncated after 50 results and is not case sensitive or allowing regex so there may be no way to

Could we have an option at least to search either for text of for label/name or both?

And a regex option might be nice too.


Searching by translation key is useful if you use this approach for finding the keys: Find a translation key with verbose localization. I agree that it would be good to be able to limit search to either keys or text content.