How do I tag a topic in

(Quintin Par) #1

I made a topic here

and categorized it as support. It is also a candidate for the tag “bug”.
Struggling to find how I can tag the topic. Help, please.


Hi Quintin,

There is a tag field at the bottom of the composer window just above the Create Topic button

There is also a tag field beneath the category dropdown when you edit a topic.

In this particular case you don’t need to tag that post though. We have a #bug category and if your issue turns out to be a legit bug we’ll move your topic.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

You also need to have a high enough TL. On Meta only TL3 users can apply tags.

(Quintin Par) #5

I don’t see that. So that means I don’t have enough karma. That right?


Correct. :slight_smile: