How do I transfer my flarum user data to discover?

I used to use flarum to build forums, but later I found that discourse seemed to be a better choice. Is there a script that can help me transfer the user data of flarum to discover?


Transfer all user names and passwords of the original forum to the new forum, so that users of the original forum can log in to the account with the same user name and password on the new forum.

It would be better if there was one that could transfer the badge.

There is a flarum import script. I doubt that it supports badges. Don’t know about passwords. I do know that it doesn’t support database table name prefixes.

You can find it in scripts/import_scripts. It works the same as the others so you can use other import script guides as a model.


It looks like Flarum uses the standard PHP bcrypt functions so you should be able to leverage the Discourse Migratepassword plugin - IF you modify the import script so it includes the password (which it currently does not).


So there isn’t any plugins or scripts to import flarum data now?

Please check the links in my post above yours.


OK Thanks, I’m going to check it