How do I view the Edit History?

I edited a post and the previous text seems to have disappeared. How do I find the edit history? I have searched the help for “history” and explored the buttons near the post.

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Edits made within the grace period immediately after posting are not considered formal edits. The grace period defaults to 5 minutes but you can change it to be more or less in your site settings.

For edits made outside the grace period, they are accessible via the pencil icon at upper right of any post.


the pencil icon at upper right of any post
I don’t see a pencil icon at the upper right of any post.
I do see a pencil icon at the right beside the Topic heading, but this is not for history.

Ah ha, I see the history button now in the post where I just added the picture. I guess it does not show if there is no history. Which is kind of what you said @codinghorror, but it wasn’t clear to me that the pencil would only be visible if there were edits. Though now I think about it, this does make sense.


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