Prevent showing the edits icon?

I have showing the edit history disabled. Is it also possible to prevent showing the edits pencil icon on top of edited posts to all users except the author and admin / mods?

Search for “edit history visible to public” in settings

Allow everyone to see previous versions of an edited post. When disabled, only staff members can view.

You can prevent edits by adjusting this value:

Search for “post edit time limit” in settings.

The author can edit or delete their post for (n) minutes after posting. Set to 0 for forever.

The default is 86400 minutes which is 60 days.

You can also “hide” edit’s after they have been created by:

  • viewing the edit
  • clicking the hide button.
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Thanks for your detailed answer. As you mentioned I have disabled “edit history visible to public” already. And also have adujsted the post edit time limit. I know about hiding the edits by viewing the edit and clicking hide. What I am looking for is an easier way to turn off the edit history pencil icon for a post for all users except the author and admin without having to go to the post, view edits and hiding everything. The only way I see I can do it is modifying the css to hide the icon. But that would mean neither the admin nor the author will be able to see the edits made or make edits.

If there are no edits, there is no pencil to click to show the edit history.

If you wanted to do CSS, instead of display: none maybe visibility: hidden or opacity could work,

i.e. the pencil would still be there, but being not seen one would have to accidentally or intentionally click there.