How do I view total views on the forum?

Is there a way to see the total number of views on the forum? I want to track the total views, but it seems like I can only see the number of views for each individual topic, and it is tedious to manually add up.

If you have the data explorer you can create a query for this.

Possibly something simple like:

    SUM (views)
FROM topics
WHERE archetype = 'regular'

I think people generally use the pageviews as the metric for this kind of count though, using the Consolidated Pageview graph on your admin dashboard.

ohhhh makes sense, thank you so much!

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It’s not a like-for-like match, but if you want to see how busy your site is over time the pageview graph can be an easy place to track it from.

And I would like to remind we have a lot of purpose made tools for this kind data, as Matomo.

Discourse gives metrics to make general curiosity happy and that is quite often enough, though.

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