How to consolidate the Pageviews by Tag?

(PethuVignesh) #1

Hello everyone,

How to Consolidate the Pageviews of topics by particular tag?

For example, I posted 30 topics under one tag called Support.


Hey there,
I’m lost. What are you trying to do?

(Chaboi_3000) #3

Let’s get this straight. Do you mean you want to find out how many topics you made in a specific category? Then you can go to your user profile, go to the summary section and scroll down. You’ll see this:
If you meant the pageviews specifically for each tag, I don’t think it’s yet implemented in discourse. You can always make a plugin to help you do that.

(PethuVignesh) #4

I would like to know the Total No. of Views of all topics in a particular TAG.
Assume that I have posted 30 topics in a TAG, I want to consolidate all the number of views of that particular tag.

  1. Post (views - 5) Tag = UI
  2. Post (views - 10) Tag = UI
    I just want to calculate the total number of views of a particular tag “UI” not Category.

(Chaboi_3000) #5

Ok, I’m confused. Are you trying to find the # of views of a post in a specific tag?

(PethuVignesh) #6

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:
I am trying to find the # of Views in a specific TAG.

(Mittineague) #7

You can go to a Tags page and get a topic list of all topics having that Tag. But to sum the page views I think you’ll probably want to use a query. I recommend using the Data Explorer plugin for that.

(PethuVignesh) #8

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I will try that.