How to consolidate the Pageviews by Tag?

Hello everyone,

How to Consolidate the Pageviews of topics by particular tag?

For example, I posted 30 topics under one tag called Support.

Hey there,
I’m lost. What are you trying to do?


Let’s get this straight. Do you mean you want to find out how many topics you made in a specific category? Then you can go to your user profile, go to the summary section and scroll down. You’ll see this:
If you meant the pageviews specifically for each tag, I don’t think it’s yet implemented in discourse. You can always make a plugin to help you do that.

I would like to know the Total No. of Views of all topics in a particular TAG.
Assume that I have posted 30 topics in a TAG, I want to consolidate all the number of views of that particular tag.

  1. Post (views - 5) Tag = UI
  2. Post (views - 10) Tag = UI
    I just want to calculate the total number of views of a particular tag “UI” not Category.

Ok, I’m confused. Are you trying to find the # of views of a post in a specific tag?

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:
I am trying to find the # of Views in a specific TAG.

You can go to a Tags page and get a topic list of all topics having that Tag. But to sum the page views I think you’ll probably want to use a query. I recommend using the Data Explorer plugin for that.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I will try that.