How do we test a new user's onboarding flow?

Currently, I’m revising a lot of our forum’s onboarding flow. In order to test it, I’m just creating (then deleting) a lot of test users. Is there an easier way to preview onboarding elements, like the welcome message the discourse narrative bot sends, without actually creating new accounts?


From the rails console you can use e.g.: User.find_by(username: 'bilbo_baggins').id)

to trigger the welcome message.


I personally feel it’s better to create accounts to get the full experience and test it thoroughly. You can use plus addressing in email to synthesize a bunch of unique email addresses – then I delete the account after I’m done testing so it doesn’t leave any residue behind.


Update: I realized that what I really wanted was a way to preview the system_messages.welcome_user.text_body_template. Creating a new topic on Discourse brings up a wonderful compose field + preview so I know exactly what I’m typing turns into. I don’t see the same preview screen when I customize text, so I was struggling with knowing what messages new users would receive. Are there plans to add previews to the Customize Text interactions?

I can also just hack it together by composing my text for system_messages.welcome_user.text_body_template in a new topic, then copying and pasting it over. :smiley:


That would be very difficult to build as it would require that each translations has a “link” to where and how it is displayed.

That makes sense! I’ll go with this solution, then.

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