How can I check my custom discourse bot text?

If I make a change to the default text to the discourse bot messages. Is there a way I can check it from a user’s perspective to see that I did not make a mistake, and can see the final output result?

Here’s a screenshot of the welcome text I changed, just as an example. I want to do more formatting, but I am not sure how it will look when I do so.

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I’m not sure I follow you. I updated the welcome text in the admin settings as seen above. What I would like to do, is see how that text is presented on the user’s end as the notification they get as a new user.

Basically, like when I write here, I can see the “final output” including formatting on the right side of my screen.


Create a new account in an incognito window to receive the welcome message and see how the result is.

When it’s done, from the usual browser as an admin, delete your new account and repeat the steps if you need to make further changes to the message


Ah thanks, I assume this measure will not trigger any “anti-spam” feature if I repeat it many times from the same IP?

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I have never had problems in this regard (with the default site settings) but in case remember that you can add your IP among the Screened IPs allowed.


Perfect, thank you for your solution. :slight_smile: