UX/UI testing users

We tested among 25 non-technical users. According to some results, they have a lot of questions.

Avatar in the header 21 out of 25 people said that had no idea that by clicking on it’s menu. Can change this by adding the arrow. For example, the CSS:


a.icon{width: 54px;}
#current-user a.icon:before {content: "▼";float: right;font-weight: bold; margin-top: 8px;}

Maybe do it on a regular basis?

Did they create their own accounts and not see that the whole page goes black until you click that icon?


Did you have the new users create an account first? When you have a new account we show a notification and tell you to click the avatar to start, which I would assume makes a difference.

Thanks for the feedback! Were there any other common questions?


Yes that looks like this. Try it yourself at try.discourse.org for all new users

More details at


@pfaffman They looked already on the registered users, bypassing the stage of registration.


  1. Even after the simplification of the letters from the bot, many do not read mail because I’m used to that on other sites the first message has no useful information.

  2. Reading the letter, could not go directly to the section for personal messages.

These are the main points.

If you bypassed registration, that is no longer a valid test.


This is probably associated with the region. Because the popular Russian social network Vkontakte:


I think the question can be closed, who wants to, he will personally add.