How do you add another person to a private message when it's already sent?

Title explains it all.
I don’t know how to add another person to my private message because I forgot to invite them after I invited one person to participate.
Can someone tell me how? @AnonymousPerson did it with @Liza_Conrad

You use the Invite button and invite them. I think invite is tied to a Trust Level though. TL 1 maybe?


Is TL1 member? I forgot…

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Then it is possible the forum you visit changed the setting to be a higher trust level, better to probably ask one of the admins/mods there.


On Hopscotch Forum, TL1 is basic, TL2 is member, TL3 is Regular.

Unless settings are tweaked, AFAIK the default Trust Level for getting Invite ability is Trust Level 2

Users at trust level 2 can…

Use the “Invite others to this topic” button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics
Invite outside users to PMs making a group PM
Daily like limit increased by 1.5 ×


One would think that being an admin and using Discourse on multiple sites for a few years I would know this, but so untrue.

As noted in the original post I thought the use of @ would invite someone to a private/personal message. But that is not the case.

Also as noted there is the invite button but after searching the entire topic and checking all the buttons including the wrench it turns out there is no button named invite. Instead just under the first post is


It is pretty obvious how it works so I will not elaborate.

The reason for adding the reply here is because this topic is the first result Google offered.


It is also possible to “reply as new group message” - see the arrow on the top left corner of the composer. This allows you to create a new message starting with the same recipients. You can then adjust the recipient list without having to explicitly invite them to the message or give them access to the past discussions.

This is especially interesting for folks using group inboxes to provide email support, with group inboxes. Sometimes you want to expand the conversation to include more email addresses, and this is one way to do it. Discourse for Teams is well suited for this, as per: Use Teams to provide email support - Docs - Discourse for Teams | Support

How do you turn on the ability to add a person to a private message?

I’ve just been alerted by one of our users that they cannot add someone to private message. On investigation, this is replicated in my test accounts in that forum. My admin account still can.

My other Discourse forums do not have this problem. Safe mode doesn’t resolve it. I can’t see any setting that I’ve changed which prevents people being added to a PM.

Am I missing something?

What’s missing specifically? is it the “add or remove…” button?

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 9.08.31 PM

I’ve tested it a bit further and are still scratching my head. For good measure I’ve returned all settings related to Trust Levels back to default. This is what I have:

On the problem forum

  1. When my test user is TL1, they get no option.
  2. When my test user is TL2, they get Remove
  3. When my test user is TL3/4 they still get just Remove

On the working forum

  1. When my test user is TL1, they get Remove
  2. When my test user is TL2, they get Add or Remove

Hmm, it might be the min trust level to allow invite site setting? I was just able to repro similar results by changing that… I think it’s because you can invite someone to the site by adding an email address as a PM recipient.

It doesn’t seem to be. I had that on the default 2: Member. Changing it to TL0 hasn’t changed the behaviour either. I’ve now got all settings that I can find involving Trust and tl etc on default settings but it persists.

perhaps the must approve users site setting? the related settings certainly seem like they could be clearer here


there is also max invites per day that has to be greater than zero
and max_allowed_message_recipients that can interfere


Thank you both, must approve users is it. I had no idea that it would also prevent the adding of existing users to a Private Message. Surely this is unintended - I would have thought that we would only want to prevent the addition of email addresses to Private Messages rather than blocking all additions.

I was kind of hoping that this commit would resolve this problem, but it instead fixes another one.

At present we have to choose between:

  1. Allowing people to sign up (subject to approval) and having no user additions to Private Messages
  2. Becoming invite-only and having a workaround to allow casual signups

@awesomerobot, would you consider asking for this to be addressed? Is this a bug report or a feature request?


Yeah I agree that would be better.

I’m not sure if it’s a bug… I suspect it’s always been this way, and it’s a lack of nuance? I can make a todo on our end to improve it anyway, it seems unnecessarily confusing.


Good news: there’s another topic here that raises the same issue: Users unable to add others to a personal message - #38 by jochen_weber and the team has already been looking into fixing it.