How do you add another person to a private message when it's already sent?

Title explains it all.
I don’t know how to add another person to my private message because I forgot to invite them after I invited one person to participate.
Can someone tell me how? @AnonymousPerson did it with @Liza_Conrad

You use the Invite button and invite them. I think invite is tied to a Trust Level though. TL 1 maybe?


Is TL1 member? I forgot…

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Then it is possible the forum you visit changed the setting to be a higher trust level, better to probably ask one of the admins/mods there.


On Hopscotch Forum, TL1 is basic, TL2 is member, TL3 is Regular.

Unless settings are tweaked, AFAIK the default Trust Level for getting Invite ability is Trust Level 2

Users at trust level 2 can…

Use the “Invite others to this topic” button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics
Invite outside users to PMs making a group PM
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