How do you combine two similar tags? video & videos for example?

How do you combine two similar tags?

Go to the tag page, like: Topics tagged tagging

Select all topics, click on the wrench, click Change Tags.


@Falco, doesn’t the Rename Tags button not do the same thing? Fewer steps, especially if the tag is used in more topics that fit on screen for select all.

Edit: OK, this doesn’t work…I could’ve sworn it worked before. Please disregard…

I am actually still stuck here.

When I go rename “videos” to “video” it tells me that the name has already been taken, that it already exist.

So where would I go to merge?

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Hmm…that’s worked for me in the past. Give me a few moments to test please.

Edit: My test site is woefully out of date - won’t let me make tags. Working to update it…

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You should do this instead:



That doesn’t mean anything to me. Where do I select “all topics”??..which wrench?

I clicked on the link and it takes me to a page were people are discussion several tag related issues, none of which have anything to do with my issue.

I am not looking to “change”…the situation is this, I need all posts with Tags for “videos” to become “video”. I am asking if there is a way to merge the two tags into one.

@Falco’s steps were correct. You are a moderator or admin on your site, right?

Yessir I am both a moderator and an admin.

Perfect, so at your site go to /tags. From there, select the tag you wish to “rename”. In the top left of the topic list, click . Once clicked, a Select All should appear. Click that. Once a topic (or topics) are selected, a wrench should appear in the top right. It looks like this: . Click that, they click Change Tags. Enter the tag you wish to combine with, and click Change Tags.


@Falco, one issue with this method - it’s destructive. Using Emilio’s example, let’s say I have 5 topics, 3 with the video tag and two with videos. One of the topics with the videos tag also has comedy. When I go to /tags/videos, select all, and change the tags to video, the comedy tag is lost. I’m about 80% certain rename tags used to work for this, but regardless, it needs to work (or there needs to be another method) to avoid losing other tags during the “rename”.


P E R F E C T!!! mission accomplished. I followed the insrtruction, and saw the topics and the wrench.

I am good, thank you so much.

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