How do you Disable the "all" mention from a forum?

I’ve been an admin recently from a forum a friend of mine made. Although i keep getting these “all” mentions and users have been abusing it recently. It is quite annoying so i asked the forum owner to silence people who kept mentioning “all” in chats for no reason but they say just keep removing it.

But then, i got tired from these mentions already. After church, i got into the forums with all these “user mentioned all in this chat” notifications and i’m tired with it. I decided to disable it temporarily, but i do not know how. How do you do this?

Quick note:

As a user: preferences / chat / Ignore channel-wide mentions

As an admin: look into min trust level for here mention

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In your account preferences in the Chat section there’s an Ignore Channel-wide mentions setting. That does what you want.

Admins can also turn them off globally per-channel in the channel settings.


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