Disable @all pings from Discourse Chat


Today a user discovered that you can do @all in discourse chat. At first it was like a joke, but a lot of users were actually getting pinged, including me I saw pings coming from the channel even though nobody pinged me


Is there a quick mitigation of this possible a lot of users are spamming help.


Plus I can’t mute people in the chat because of the other bug I discovered :facepalm:

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We’ll take a look. In the meantime you may want to disable chat on your site for now.

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Thank you I am disabling chat right now until this gets fixed

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I also recommend you set SiteSetting.chat_auto_silence_from_flags_duration to 1 day and flag offenders.


Yes: suspend them for a period of time for abuse

I have already done that, and disabled chat.


Yes, I wanted to do this setting, but currently there is a bug with silencing as well:


I found out about this option recently, is there a way to enable it for everyone?


It’s available to everyone as a per-user setting, so it’d be good to let folks know about it.

Still, in your case, silencing and/or suspending the user is the right thing to do.

I think the way forward here is to for us to next get the silencing but fixed (we have it pretty high on our list already)

I think those mitigations should go along way, so that’s what we’d like to focus on first.

Beyond that, I think it’s worth considering having an option to disable @all or @here globally, or per-channel. But we haven’t made a decision on that quite yet.

There is also something on our list to ensure the existing max users notified per group mention applies in chat (it doesn’t currently). And maybe @all and @here should be subjected to the same limits.


Oh ok cool rn I made it so TL1 and above can talk in chat and it’s working pretty well since the higher trust level offenders were already temp suspended


Any update on this I think it would be good if they just had an option to disable it globally

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We are planning to make this a per-channel option in the not too distant future, but we haven’t started that yet.


We now have a per-channel setting to disable @all and @here via his PR from @joffreyjaffeux


You’ve got this totally backwards. Enabling @all should be opt-in. Having it be enabled by default is madness.

And disable it on this site ASAP! I’ve never even used chat on this site and I got an email notifying me of someone using @all. I’m astounded you thought this was acceptable to enable by default.


I am genuinely sorry about that. There should be a couple of safety guards in place to make sure that didn’t happen, and I’m afraid something has gone awry somewhere. I apologise most profusely. :pray:

We’re looking into it now, and hopefully will have more information shortly.


The good news is that this has been fixed. :partying_face:

There had been a regression where the channel-wide onsite notifications had been correctly suppressed but the email versions were still sent out. That has been resolved now, and there should be no more issues. :+1: I apologise again to anyone who received that email. :pray: