Putting some constraints on the @all mention in Chat

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random aside, I’d be extremely frugal with the @ all tag. A lot of us look at chat so there’s usually no need to mention everyone.


Is the @all mention perhaps a little too indiscriminate to be a useful tool? (ie Can I turn it off somehow? :slightly_smiling_face:)

We have the @here one as well, which may be a little less noisy


well according to the tests it seems all is similar to channel in that they are channel-wide mentions.

here is like a subset of all, but only includes folks seen within 5 minutes ago.

and everyone is the everyone group, similar to team, staff, etc


only let higher level users use it

at least by default


I think we should have a setting to disable notification from @ all mentions and have a setting for staff to disable @ all mentions

In brief:

  • Consider adding a site setting for disabling/TL-gating the @all mention

Yes, that would be great if possible. We struggle with some users bothering all others with this.

/greetz django :raised_hand:


My ever-inventive users (whom I enabled chat for) today found that they could use @here or @all even if it was prohibited elsewhere. (They always find the darnedest things…)

If there could be a switch to disable that, that would be ideal, as would a switch for disabling Chat DMs / PMs (I had to manually add CSS rules to hide the buttons, which obviously won’t hold forever.)

Edit: Thank you for placing on correct topic, I somehow didn’t see this one, sorry.

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That’s okay. :slight_smile: There’s another one for the disabling of Personal Chat somewhere as well I’m trying to dig out. Bear with me… :slight_smile:

Here it is Add Option to Disable User-User Chat :+1:

In the meantime I’m going to try to use Watched Words to block and censor the use of them. Which is another imperfect temporary solution because those can be bypassed (like the CSS hiding PMs) but as long as they don’t figure it out until a switch is added…

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We now have a per-channel setting to disable @all and @here via his PR from @joffreyjaffeux