How do you get the "first flag" badge?

I have looked through several topics on Badges, especially First Flag badges and can’t seem to find an answer to this: Which setting should it be to automatically award a First Flag badge when the badge is enabled? Here is a screenshot of what is set on my forum. The problem is a topic was flagged by a member and marked as “Something else…” in as the reason. The user never received the badge. I did disagree with the flag (maybe too soon before the flag was awarded?) and removed it. My question is which setting should the badge be set at according to options below. Should it be changed to Community? The badge is enabled. Thanks.


The First Flag badge will not be awarded, unless a post has been flagged as off topic, spam or inappropriate


Thank you @Thomas_G. Now that I know the “Something else…” will not award it, I’ll let my users use Off-topic - as it seems to quite often happen. :wink: