Did not receive "First Flag" badge

I just noticed I was never awarded the First Flag badge. I’ve flagged posts and to my knowledge at least one was agreed upon and not deferred. My PMs show ~5 agreed flags. Unless I do not understand what the badge requirements are?

I just looked at the query, and it seems:

  • it doesn’t count the ‘message @username’ flags
  • it only counts flags on badge categories (public categories that aren’t no-badges)

If I remove either of those conditions (add PM user or switch to all posts), you get the badge.

The ~5 agreed flags, I’m guessing, do not meet the second requirement. They meet the first. The categories these flags were in: extensibility, marketplace…errh. Seems most of the topics were soft-deleted. A few exist in public, however.

That’s a bug LOL… the badge_posts view excludes deleted topics

Then you better revert that edit there. :stuck_out_tongue: (Unless it’s already been documented)

Flag should include deleted, for sure, the correct outcome for a spam flag (if that was your first flag, as an example) is for the post to be deleted.

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