How do you get the permissions assigned to a topic using the API?

In the documentation I can’t find how to get the permissions assigned to a topic using the API.

Is there a different endpoint other than the topic endpoint that provides this information?


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Which permissions specifically? If you look at this topic’s endpoint for example:

There are a number of fields that can be used here… there’s a top-level:

visible: true

and there’s a details child with objects like:



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I have figured some of it out. It seems it is set by the parent category.
I see that some categories have the following value set:

"read_restricted": true

I am trying to figure out to determine which groups have read access to which categories.

I am brand new to Discourse and trying to figure it out.

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The best documentation for the API is Reverse engineer the Discourse API. If you can do it from the front end, then you can see what the API call is.