Very impressed with Communiteq!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a post to thank Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting). Started my week trial and it’s been amazing so far. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with self hosting this platform is emailing. No issues whatsoever with the new provider.

They didn’t pay me to make this post either. Check them out if you want professional and AFFORDABLE discourse hosting!

Also, cheers to the Discourse dev team for making this what it is.

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Hello , i think that the packages are “limited” .
Its a good provider but that limits make me think on another hosting providers …in my opinion .

We can keep our service affordable by standardizing our plans. Any hosting provider has limits?


Funny thing is I’ve had problems with emails since last night, and with long response times for support I am starting to think about switching hosts. Overall I am pretty happy, but it seems this is a 9-5 operation, which will suck once my forum gets bigger and something critical happens in the middle of the night.

EDIT: Things have been fixed now. Thank you.

Yes, I’ve had the same thing.

Email problems are a pain that I have postponed for months by signing up for a free trial with Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting).

What a painless experience it has been so far. Impressive. It’s like I took a chill pill. :pill:

I’m two hours into starting a prototype community which was literally drawn on a restaurant napkin. If it works as I expect, the organization will finance its growth. New users are already accepting invites and should be inviting others by tomorrow.

I’m going in cold without any preparation – I did some very basic customization and will do more as users ask for changes – so I can see what happens out-of-the-box without hand-holding people who haven’t used Discourse before. In other words “I really hope discobot works for them.”

I don’t know why I’d ever bother installing again. That’s what I feel because it is much more exciting starting the easy way. :sparkler: But, of course, I know that I’ll miss the full control that comes with self-hosting.