How do you order the categories in each group?

hi @awesomerobot I just discovered this theme component and find it really interesting. One thing that is weird though: how do you order the categories in each group? I put them in a certain order, but when it’s displayed, that order is not respected.
Did I do something wrong, or are they automagically ordered?

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I believe the categories will be ordered by most recent activity. To get a consistent order you’d have to enable the site setting fixed category positions — at that point you can order them from this menu on the upper right of the /categories page:

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 10.09.59 AM


Ohh thanks, this also solves my problem. I had fixed category positions enabled, but i did not know i could also reorder them like this :+1:
This is definitely the better approach, i will close my PR.


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