I can select messages but no actions appear

Hey :wave:

I’ve just come across this. Currently it seems that only staff can use the bulk PM actions. However, the option of selecting PMs is also displayed to users but once a PM is selected no actions appear. I’m sure that in the past there used to be an option to archive / move to inbox when selecting messages as a user?

steps to repro:

  • Go to your messages
  • Press the list icon on top left (circled in image above)
  • Select some messages. No other buttons appear to choose what you want to do with the messages.

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Must be a recent regression on meta. I can repro it here.

On my 2.8.0.beta3(76a11e6dc9) it looks like this, with the wrench oddly floating all the way on the far right:


Looks like when the feature was added to allow normal users to selectively dismiss topics on /new or /unread, this condition was added to the bulk-select button:

canDoBulkActions: reads("currentUser.staff")

…and that’s preventing it from working for non-staff in their inboxes. We’ll get it fixed!


I’ve added a fix here:


This is what’s happening for me as well. I’m on the latest update.

This has been updated so the button is next to “select all” rather than way off to the right (and the buttons also stick on scroll)