I can select messages but no actions appear

Hey :wave:

I’ve just come across this. Currently it seems that only staff can use the bulk PM actions. However, the option of selecting PMs is also displayed to users but once a PM is selected no actions appear. I’m sure that in the past there used to be an option to archive / move to inbox when selecting messages as a user?

steps to repro:

  • Go to your messages
  • Press the list icon on top left (circled in image above)
  • Select some messages. No other buttons appear to choose what you want to do with the messages.

Thanks :wink:


Must be a recent regression on meta. I can repro it here.

On my 2.8.0.beta3(76a11e6dc9) it looks like this, with the wrench oddly floating all the way on the far right:


Looks like when the feature was added to allow normal users to selectively dismiss topics on /new or /unread, this condition was added to the bulk-select button:

canDoBulkActions: reads("currentUser.staff")

…and that’s preventing it from working for non-staff in their inboxes. We’ll get it fixed!


I’ve added a fix here:


This is what’s happening for me as well. I’m on the latest update.