How does "Summarize This Topic" actually work?

I’ve been searching for over 30 minutes on the Discourse Blog and on this forum for an explanation of how the “Summarize This Topic” decides what posts to show and I can’t find one.

This post explains how “Summarize This Topic” is an improved version of the old “best of” feature, which “algorithmically picks the ‘best’ posts in a topic,” but there’s no summary of what the algorithm values when it come to picking posts.

The topic of how “Summarize This Topic” came up in this thread, but again no explanation of what’s under the hood was given.

So, what’s the algorithm behind “Summarize This Topic”? Does it select posts with more likes than some threshold? Posts with lots of replies? Some combination of both? I’m very curious.

It’s done on a scoring system. I think this post has the calculator in: