How does the "mute all categories by default" setting work?

I enabled this setting on my instance and try to register a new account, the account landed on latest page with an empty topic list, when I try to click on the categories tab, it goes to the categories page and has “muted categories” shown on top (without the right plus button) and nothing happen when I click on it ( I thought it should expand and show the list)

Does anyone has the setting on and could explain how it works?

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It’s not a setting I’ve used much, but I’ve just switched it on to give it a run-through with you. I have Latest as my homepage (first value in top menu), and redirect users to top page unchecked, so my new user also got dropped into an empty Latest page - though navigating to categories showed me all the categories underneath the ‘muted category’ banner (no :heavy_plus_sign: symbol though):

My assumption is that they’d then be able to explore from there and pick up individual topics by interacting with them, and toggle ‘watching/tracking/normal’ from the category bell in each. It would probably also make more sense to have the category page as the homepage, perhaps?

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