Topics not being muted using 'default categories muted'

tried this, seems it does not work as the setting name implies

for a category added to “default categories muted”,
if there is a new post in a muted category, it still be listed in the latest list…
is this expected ? thanks…

How did you respond to this prompt after setting a default muted category?

If you don’t hit Yes then it will only change users created after making the change.


  • I added my test category to this list, clicked yes for this dialog.
  • then add a new post in the test category, it shows as the first one in the latest list

brw, this test category is a private one, it is only visible for several accounts used for testing functions…
tried with a regular open category, same behavior.
we are on hosted plan, latest(?)


Maybe you are watching or tracking the topic? The status of the topic does overwrite the status of the category.

  • added a category to “default categories muted”
    basically, any posts in that category still shows in the latest list,

in user’s personal preference,

  • if add a public category to the muted list, all topics from that category will be removed from the latest list
  • if add a private category to the muted list, the topics still be listed in the latest.


Can you elaborate on this? Does that mean that the category’s security settings are set at least to “this group” → “can read”?

My experience is:

  • The category 3 is muted by default for everyone

  • The category 3 view is restricted to the group G

  • User A belongs to group G, and category 3 is muted

  • A new topic is created in category 3.

  • User A doesn’t see the new topic in /latest.

Which is expected.

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updated the reproducible steps above.