How Long did it take for members to register at your site

So I just launched a forum after moving from a blog Im noticing Im getting decent views as my redirect isnt working (talking to my domain register) but no one is currently registering how long did it take for you to notice views

It’s all down to what incentives people have to register, how easy you make registration and to a lesser extent whether they trust you with their data.

Starting out from nothing is hard. It can be a slow and painful process. What are you doing to encourage registration on your site versus other more established communities?


I mean we are more of a fetish commhnity we are pushing posts to our Insta with Specific Tags and stuff like that Im seeing decent page views for the first few days

Unless you’re the only site which covers a subject area, which will drive registrations due to demand/exclusivity, you need to consider each of the points from my first response.

  • Views are meaningless if they arrive and can’t see a good reason to register.
  • If you don’t appear trustworthy they won’t register.
  • If they can’t see topics they feel compelled to respond to they won’t have reason to register.

Agreed. If you have nailed your community concept, people will begin registering immediately.

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You can run a contest that requires people to reply to a topic (ideally with an interesting story, picture, or anecdote) and that will encourage registration – since you have to register to reply.