How to make people register on your forum and stay longer?


Hey guys i just started making the forum and noone seems register
any idea how to promote my forum?
any opinion would be appriciated

(Michael Friedrich) #2

Without specific details on the content or audience, it is hard to tell. Just some points I would generally always do.

  • Provide meaningful categories
  • Fill it with content topics to attract users
  • Add questions or interesting discussion points where one would start
  • Actively respond to topics and encourage others with your replies
  • Promote the forum with hashtags on social media
  • Ask your friends and coworkers to spread the word

(Kris) #3

You might get more useful responses if you share some more specific information about your community (what kind of community is it? How are you promoting/sharing it now? etc)

There’s some good general advice on Meta about this, and we also have a quick blog post with some tips.

There are also a lot of resources about community building/management on

You might also find some more relevant topics in the #community category

(Nichalas Petranek) #4

alternately, if you really want users to make an account, there is a site setting that you can enable which forces users to login before being able to read content on the site. probably not recommended if you’re trying to grow your userbase organically though…

in the screenshot below, you would go into the login tab of your site settings and check the login required checkbox