How show Toggle whisper, New message bottom topic?

Hello, i wanna display 2 button Toggle whisper and New message under every topic, how can we setup them?

Thank you!

That won’t be possible without a custom theme-component / plugin. In case you aren’t aware of this already, you can also toggle a whisper from here:

Maybe you could educate your staff to use one of the two existing toggles in the composer?


I want to move 2 button outsite and put it under topic! :slight_smile:
Who can build for me a component to display 2 button and move content of message to timeline of topic!

Adding the two buttons to the bottom of the posting area is one thing and quite possible, but moving a topic’s contents to the time line is way out there. Why would you want to try to move the message contents into the timeline? The timeline is just that… a timeline of the posts and shows post numbers and date of posts. What do you intend on putting in the posting area? This just sounds like moving things around for the sake of moving things around. It isn’t going to work. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Just display message here Not move
I wanna see private text straightway, don’t search on dashboard
I wanna build a plugin secret but impossible So i wanna display message private to time topic :slight_smile:

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