Private Posts and Public in a single Topic

I have 10 posts in my topic. How can make 2 post out of 10 as private using API. So as those 2 posts are visible to only certain groups/persons only.

Posts can be whispers and they are private to staff


Thanks Robert!
I see whipsers can be created using discourse UX. How can we create a whisper using discourse API?

This might help, it came up recently:


Thank you Robert! that’s helpful!


One more followup question.

Can we add group of individuals having access to the whisper post?

Additionally, I believe whisper post can be controller only by staff. Does that mean the user has to be moderator? or he can be a staff without being moderator? and if he has to be staff? what does that mean? what exactly he has access to do?

No you can’t. They are only visible to staff.

If you want similar functionality for a group, you’d have to build a plugin.

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