How these "menus" should be called?

For example, the hamburger menu is named… The hamburger menu, because of the icon. If we ignore the icon, what is this menu called? I looked at the HTML code, but there are not so many clues.
Well, for this one, “hamburger menu” will do, so let’s not spend time on this one. :smile:
(but if it’s on the left, it will not only be the “hamburger menu” but also the “sidebar” I guess…)

What about the menu when we click our avatar?


It shows notifications by default, so it could be called a “notifications menu”, but it also contains a button (he last one) that leads to another menu (profile).

When we click this icon, we have this:


How is this menu called? User profile?

But “user profile” would rather be the… User profile?

I’m a bit lost. There are a lot of menus and I while notifying my community of the new changes in these menus, I noticed that I didn’t know what to call them. :sweat_smile:

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This topic talks about notifications / avatar menu