How to add a directory of people/businesses to my theme?

Hi Guys, Just setting up a new forum, looking to add a directory of businesses/services?

Any ideas?

Maybe create a category for them and allow people to create topics for each business?

Maybe use tags for services?

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Jay has a really good idea. If it is a set number of businesses there is a variety of options from Page Publishing.

To a variety of Theme components like

A variety of header menu options.

Header Submenus

There are more possible options in theme-component

Link Banners

There are more possible options in theme-component

Easy Responsive footer

And likely a whole lot more. It is Discourse of course. :discourse:

Maybe think of it in terms of what aspect of Discourse (technically, what model in the Discourse database) comes closest to representing the key elements of a business.

None of these seem to fit:

  • post
  • topic
  • tag
  • category

I think a ‘group’ is a good match for a business. Discourse groups have fields for:

  • name
  • description
  • owners
  • members
  • an (optional) badge that can be used to distinguish group members
  • an (optional) email domain that can be used to automatically add users to the group
  • an (optional) incoming email address that can be used to message the group on the forum via email
  • permissions (that can be used to manage category permissions, etc)

Those fields seem to map to the aspects of a business that you might want to represent on a forum. Discourse also has a “groups directory” and individual group pages. I suspect that the groups directory could become your business directory with little to no custom work.

Obviously, this all depends on your specific use case. If businesses are not a key part of your forum, you might want to take a different approach.


Interesting idea. If you need to be able to have users be members of the businesses and know a priori what they are so that an admin can add them, this is a test idea.

If you just want a list of these businesses, using a category, perhaps with a template, may be what you want to do. This way anyone could contribute new businesses. But you’d not be able for people to join the business.


It would be a great idea if it was possible to create “custom group types”:

That would give you a business directory at

Without that feature, it could work well if businesses were the primary focus of the forum - so the groups page would essentially become a business directory.