How to add a second tag filter dropdown

Hi, Thank you for this wonderful APP. And thanks for the friendly community.

I am wondering if anyone could give me some directions here. What I want it to add a second tag filter dropdown on the home page. So users can either filter by tag1 or by tag2.


For example, the tag1 is car model, the tag2 is city name.

Can this be done by theme editing or a plugin is needed? Or is there any other way to achieve the same goal?

Thank you in advance.

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can anyone help me on this? Thank you.

What ways of doing this have you looked into that you’re having problems with?

Thank you for your reply. I think there are two steps:

  1. add a new dropdown filter besides the current all tags dropdown
  2. change both dropdown filter to only filter one tag group each.

I’ve tried to manipulate the code to add another dropdown filter but without any luck. I need some directions, is this a very hard task that needs a lot of code work or can be achieved by studying the theme tutoring? Thanks.

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