Filtering by multiple tags

How to do filtering by tags, HOW MADE IN AN Advanced Search

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Sorry, what is your question? I do not understand.

We needs to do filtering by tags on a custom page, similar to Latest. This custom page has already been done, but we cannot do tag filtering.
Here is what we need:


I would also vote for this. Filtering based on multiple tags is a good ideas and does narrow down to what we are going for.
Specially for a website which used main category as languages and tags are the main categories, this feature would be a blessing.

I for one love Discourse Popular Tag Sidebar, which facilitates filtering by tags within categories. It only works with one tag at a time, though. I don’t know if there is a way to filter by category and then keep adding tags to filter by to narrow results. I also would find that to be interesting (e.g. topics about citizenship rights and kenya), and seem to recall it’s come up here before as a feature request. Right now the only way to do that is to have a category about citizenship rights and tag topics in that category with kenya.

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I think filtering by multiple tags is something we should support, we already have pieces of it in place — like search and tag intersection pages: Topics tagged docker & email.

One of the benefits of tags is that they’re not as limited as categories, but our breadcrumb nav limits them as if they are categories.


I vote for this feature because, A lot of people need them for topic search detail. Can we move search multi tag in advanced search to home page?


Voting for this very important feature.