How to add a specific label for a user group & validate the group using a key?

I would like to create a specific class of user and add to them a logo. the class of the user will be checked at registration when the user is adding a member key to its profile. Basically what I would like to have is the following:

  1. add a member ID kkey to the profile.
  2. when the user create or update a profile with it, th key is checked externally.
  3. if OK, the user will be added to a specific class of user, say “Workgroup member”
  4. For each “workgroup member” a badge will be displayed with its icon and profile on the forum

Is there any plugin that already does that? If not any guidance is appreciated in creating a plugin for it :slight_smile:

There is already out-of-the-box support for a Group’s member Title and Flair icon and background colour that can decorate the user’s avatar (it’s how you identify staff on Meta, for example).

You can also select group membership at the invite stage.