How to add contact us page?

Is there an easy way to add contact us page in discourse?

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The About - Discourse Meta page of a Discourse site has a contact us section


Hi @asugar

Would you like to host the page on discourse or externally?

If you want an external page, there is a theme component which can be used to link an external page.

If you want a page to be hosted on discourse itself, discourse has support for page publishing which can be adapted to provide contact information.

As mentioned by @ondrej the /about page already contains basic contact info so it might be redundant.


It’s first time I’m using this script and I must say I’ve never seen such a messed up way to setup simple things. A visitor/user of forum is not a psychic who will know where to look for contact info by going to About and then scrolling down. I even didn’t know there was About page link which takes you away to pages. Why don’t just stick it in header or footer like any other script? Why everything is such a pain in the a$$ to work with in this script?

I’m not taking about Meta about us, I’m talking about adding a Contact us page on my self hosted setup.

The about page on any Discourse site has a contact us. I only used Meta as it was convenient

If you scroll all the way down you will see it.


Ok, I understood it now. I was asking about adding a contact form on contact us page.


Does this help?

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The easiest way would be to use the personal messages or group messages in that case.

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I wonder if this approach would require people to have an account, compared to most website contact forms which allow any visitor to send a message.

Does the custom wizard plugin allow non-users to fill out the forms? If not, is there a way to use incoming mail / reply-by-email to create an HTML contact form that will send an email to an email that connects with Discourse?

The answer is probably No.
Discourse requires an account to allow the usage of almost all the features.

That’s why I shared the option of linking to an external contact page / contact form


It seems possible to add a contact us page using the Landing Pages Plugin :small_airplane:

See the following link to learn more about how to set up the contact form:

Partials and Helpers - #2 by davidS - Landing Pages (ARCHIVE) - Pavilion

This partial lets you render a contact form which will send an email with the submitted message to defined email. There are two site settings you can use as the email endpoint.

  • The landing contact email setting will be used if set.
  • The contact email setting will be used if the landing contact email is not set.

Both the email and message are required parameters, so if the user does not include valid version of either, an error message will be returned.