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Am I being thick? On my ‘About’ page it refers to the/contact page yet when I click the link no such page exists, I get the error: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

I’ve tried searching and here on Meta but can’t find anything about it…

Where can I find and edit this page?


There’s a setting (in admin > settings) called contact url — my guess is that you have that setting set to /contact?

Discourse doesn’t come with a /contact page, which is why you’d get the not found error.

That setting is in place for cases where a forum may have an external parent website with contact information (so that setting would be set to something like example.com/contact). In cases where there’s not an external contact page, I’d recommend leaving that field empty and making sure the contact email setting is set.


Aaaaaaaaaaah! Thank you!

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