Contact info on About page

Hi, I’m enjoying getting started with Discourse.

In the setup area, it says an email address I provide (see screenshot) will appear on the “About” page. But it doesn’t appear, only the contact URL I also provided appears on “About.”

Thanks for your help!



I think it has been like this by design since forever (or at least since I’m using discourse)

The description could be made clearer that if a link is supplied, it will supersede the email. However, the email is still required for some notifications iirc.


Thanks, @itsbhanusharma, I did not know about that! :slight_smile:

Maybe it could say something like:

Contact URL for this site. Displayed on the /about page for urgent matters. If left blank, the email address from the contact email setting will be used.

And then explain it at /wizard/steps/contact somehow…


@spamless if you’d like contact email to show, you can remove contact url; I tested it and that’s how it works. :slight_smile:


Thanks, yes, I figured that out too, but I wanted my URL there too, for a smidge of extra publicity. :smile_cat: