How to Add Custom Menu to Header Nav like Sitepoint

(Oka bRionZ) #1

When I visit SitePoint, it was incredible. It has full-width menu and has any custom button/ links. I really love that, and I want to realize it in my site.

thanks before.

(cpradio) #2

Have you checked the #howto category?

(Oka bRionZ) #3

@cpradio Thanks a lot for Your advices. but I want the nav-bar same like sitepoint. I was try to inspect the element from my browser and place it on customizer but it does not work. :grin:

(cpradio) #5

You can try looking through our repo, we use a plugin to push our theme.

How can i add custom hamburger menu
(Oka bRionZ) #6

Thank you so much sir, it was really helpful :innocent: