How to add forum logo in browser window?

Hi admin, could you pls teach me how can I add our logo to the browser window? And where can I setting it?


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Go to Admin > Settings > Branding and add a Favicon.

Thank you sir, let me try: )

Hi sir, I just uploaded the logo to Favicon and after 30 minutes nothing has changed here. Do you know why?

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Perhaps you should purge cache of the browser?

Nope, seems like the setup failed. I’m using another device that has never logged in this site and still doesn’t show the correct icon. :cry:

You should set force_https to true and upload the favicons again. They are as http:// links in the HTML and the browser is showing mixed content warnings (and not showing the favicon as a result).

You should also make sure to redirect HTTP to HTTPS.


Awesome! It can work now, thank you sir!


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